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Electric Aggregation IMPORTANT NOTICE

Warren Township Electric Aggregation Program

Warren Township established an electric aggregation program in 2013 following the passage of a voter referendum authorizing the program. Electric aggregation enables a municipality to negotiate lower rates for its residents’ home electricity. To date, the average participating Warren Township resident (in unincorporated portions) has saved $61, for a cumulative savings over $275,000.

The Township recently terminated the current contract with FirstEnergy, thus ratepayers will be returned to ComEd default service.

The ComEd base rate (which is set by the State of Illinois) is re-set in June of each year and additionally, varies from month-to-month due to the floating Purchased Electricity (PEA) component. It is expected to be in a range of 5.8¢ to 6.8¢ per kWh through May 2017 and is currently 6.46¢ per kWh.

FirstEnergy has mailed a notice of termination to all program participants. In August, ComEd will mail a Confirmation of Drop notice to all ratepayers currently enrolled in the program. It will confirm supply service will be switched back to ComEd. No action is needed on the part of Warren Township residents (who are enrolled in the Township’s aggregation program) to be moved to the ComEd default supply service.

Residents with questions about the program suspension may call the Township’s electric aggregation consultant, NIMEC at 800-727-3820. When calling NIMEC, please leave your call back number and you will be contacted very shortly or at latest, within 24 hours.

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