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Charlie Mullin, C.I.A.O., Assessor

Charlie Mullin, Cmullin@warrentownship.net

Telephone: (847) 244-1101, Ext 2
Fax: 847-244-8521
Location: Assessor Building


Chesney Leafblad, C.I.A.O./M.
Holly Wicketts, C.I.A.O./I.
Alex Rossmann, C.I.A.O.
Erik Fries, C.I.A.O. –  Commercial/ Industrial Properties
Laura Lee Variny –   Senior Citizen Adviser

There are two major components of the tax system: taxation and valuation. Our office establishes the assessed value of parcels of property in the township. Taxing authorities such as school districts and municipalities are responsible for the second major component of the tax system: Taxation. They levy (impose) taxes against the property values established by the assessor. Our staff will be happy to discuss concerns or questions you may have about the tax system.

Important Dates

9/3/2020 – 2020 Assessments Published

9/8/2020 – Second Installment Due

10/5/2020- Final day to file with Lake County Board of Review

Assessment Appeal

Property owners may appeal the assessed value of their property. An appeal is not a complaint about higher taxes. Rather, it is an attempt to prove that a property’s estimated market value is unfair or inaccurate.

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Determining Assessed Value

The purpose of assessed value is to proportion the tax burden over all taxable property in a fair and equitable manner. The assessed value of a parcel of property is set at 1/3 of its market value. Every year, our office determines the market value of each taxable parcel of property in the township. Characteristics of your property (size of lot, type of home, number of bathrooms, garage, swimming pool, etc.) and characteristics of the neighborhood are taken into consideration when determining market value.

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As noted, the Assessor’s office is not responsible for the second major component of the tax system: taxation. However, we are including a few facts about taxation and would be happy to discuss this component of the tax system in more detail with you.

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Assessor’s Links

These links are provided as references for your use

Senior Freeze Filing Instructions

Lake County Government – Lake County Home Page
Lake County Chief of Assessments – Property assessment information
GIS Maps Gallery – View property assessment maps
Lake County Treasurer – Real estate tax payment status
Lake County Clerk Tax Extension Data

Research Area

Our office maintains a research area for your convenience where you may review all public documents, including plat maps, sales documents and property record cards on our two public computers using Lake County’s Webpage (assessor.lakecountyil.gov).

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