Coyotes in Lake County: Who to Call and When

Township Center
8 A.M.-4 P.M.

(847) 549-5200
Lake County Sheriff’s Department
  • A coyote is in the act of attacking a person or pet in
    unincorporated Lake County.
  • An unincorporated address has 5 digits
    (i.e. 17801 West Washington Street, Gurnee, Illinois)
Check local listings
Local Municipal Law Enforcement
  • A coyote is in the act of attacking a person or pet
    within a municipal boundary.
(847) 377-4700
Animal Care and Control
Lake County Health Department
  • A coyote has bitten a human or pet.
  • A coyote is seriously ill or injured.
  • A coyote is in a confined area
    (building or fenced yard) and is unable to leave.
(847) 968-3411
(6:30 a.m. – 6:00 p.m., M-F)
Lake County Forest Preserve911
Lake County Sheriff
  • A coyote is acting aggressively toward a human
    or pet within a Lake County Forest Preserve.
(847) 608-3100
Illinois Department
of Natural Resources
  • General information about coyotes.
Check local listings
Private Nuisance
Wildlife Professional
  • If you want a coyote removed from your property.
    (State and local permits and regulations may apply).
  • Public agencies will not, for example, respond to a
    coyote walking through a neighborhood, or in an
    open area, or if
    there is a coyote den on your
    private property.
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