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Natural Disaster Income Tax Credit

The Illinois legislature has approved an income tax credit for qualified real property that was damaged as a result of the flood event in July 2017. No other events can be considered for this. This income tax credit can be obtained for up to $750, based upon information provided.

  • The property must be the principal residence of the owner.  If the property is leased, the owner is not eligible for this credit.
  • Only losses related to qualified real property can be considered for this tax credit; specifically damage to the structure of the residence.
  • Properties that received or will receive a Natural Disaster Homestead Exemption for property taxes do not qualify for this credit.

There are several items a property owner will need to provide to a Township Assessor or the County Assessor as a part of the certification process.  These documents can be found using the link at the below:

  • A property owner will need to complete a proforma IRS Form 4684, as well a Natural Disaster Income Tax Credit Certificate
  • Property owners will need to provide their Township Assessor or the County Assessor with proof of loss in the form of receipts, estimates, invoices, insurance claims or other validation to claim the income tax credit

Please bring completed forms and proof of loss documentation to the Warren Township Assessor’s Office or the Chief County Assessment Office. The information will then be evaluated to:

  • Determine whether the property owner has already received a benefit with a Natural Disaster Homestead Exemption
  • Determine the amount of the credit to be received

Property owners will include these completed documents with their State income tax filing.


Should you have any questions please contact Alex Rossmann at the Warren Township Assessors Office. 

Phone: 847-244-1101 *209


2017 Assessment Notices Publish June 6th

2017 notices will be published on June 6th. You have 30 days to file and appeal with the Lake County Board of Review. The deadline for Warren Township to file is July 6th. Before filing with the Board of Review we encourage residents in Warren Township to come into our office for an informal review. We are able to make changes in office up till June 28th which allows us time to review your evidence. If you need help understanding your assessment or filing with the board of review our office can help until the deadline on July 6th.  There will also be help center events at the University Center in Grayslake from 4-7pm on the following dates 6/6, 6/13, 6/20, 6/27 . Someone from our office will be there to help if you need assistance outside of our normal working hours of 8am-4pm.




Tax Rate Information

Tax Bill Information

Tax bills were mailed out on May 1, 2017. The first installment is due June 6, 2017 and the second installment will be due September 6, 2017. For more information on how to pay your bill please visit the Lake County Treasurers website. Your tax bill is made up of rates which represent the budgets of various units of local government. Our office has put together information on these rates to help you better understand where your tax dollars are going. If you would like more information on the rates in your tax district, The Count Clerk has put a lot of resources on their website for you to research.

The Assessor’s roll in the tax cycle is valuation of property. We do not issue your tax bill. If you feel your house has any errors in its assessment or if you feel that you are missing an exemption please contact our office so we can make corrections. You cannot appeal your tax year 2016 assessment at this time. Tax year 2017 notices will be mailed later this summer and you will have 30 days from publication to appeal  your assessment. We can currently only fix errors for tax year 2016 assessments.