Why is snow left at the end of my driveway?

There is no practical way for the snow plow operator to cut off the windrow of snow when crossing a driveway. This problem is especially acute on cul-de-sacs, which are very confined spaces that require the snow be placed along the outside of the circle. The problem is compounded by the fact that homeowners must clear their driveways, which places large piles of snow on the corners of the drive. It is extremely difficult for trucks to push snow onto a center island of a cul-de-sac. However, our goal is to maintain as much of the normal pavement width as possible and to allow access to mailboxes by postal carriers. 

To reduce the amount of snow that is plowed in front of your driveway, blow or shovel the snow to the right side of your drive as you face the street. This reduces the chance of previously removed snow from being pushed back onto the drive.

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