Taxing Bodies' Links

This is a list of all the taxing bodies in Warren Township. You can find the specific taxing bodies that you pay into on the bottom left of your tax bill. If you would like assistance finding out what taxing bodies you pay into, please contact our office for assistance.

City Of Park City
City Of Waukegan
College Of Lake County # 532
Grandwood Park District
Grayslake Community Park District
Grayslake Fire Protection District
Gurnee Park District
Joint Action Water Agency
Lake County
Lake County Forest Preserve
Lindenhurst Park District
North Shore Sanitary District
School District # 121 Warren
School District # 127 Grayslake
School District # 24 Millburn
School District # 46 Grayslake
School District # 50 Woodland
School District # 56 Gurnee
School District # 128 Libertyville
School District # 68 Oak Grove
Township Of Warren
Village of Grayslake
Village of Lindenhurst
Village of Old Mill Creek
Village of Third Lake
Warren-Newport Public Library District
Warren-Waukegan Fire Protection District
Waukegan Park District
Waukegan Public Library District
Wildwood Park District