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Parenting Anxious Kids: A Workshop On SPACE
Helping Young Children Handle Big Feelings
SCREEN TIME: A parent's guide to setting realistic limits and knowing when there is a problem
Effective Limit Setting: It is Easy as A,B,C,D

No Worry Guide to Raising Your Anxious Child

Heading Back to School: Engaging our Students, Educators, and Families

Professional Training

Panel Discussion: Preparing our Children for a Successful School Year

Panel de Dicusión: Preparando a nuestros hijos para un año escolar exitoso

Leaving Our Pets Alone:
An animal expert's advice on helping our pet cope with change.

Bystander Intervention Training:
Learn how to intervene as an advocate and ally.

Keeping your Child Engaged in (Virtual) School:
Responding to their high frustration and low motivation.

Quick Tips for Online Safety in 30 Minutes

Cómo mantener a sus hijos seguros en Internet:
Una presentación en 30 minutos.

Understanding Your Child's Social, Emotional and Behavioral Needs during COVID-19:
Practical information for parents on how to stay safe and sane during these challenging times.

Helping your Anxious Teens and Children during the COVID-19 Pandemic:
Impact and practical strategies to help your anxious child. 

Helping Young Children Handle Big Feelings:
This workshop will address your child’s emotional and social development, emotional awareness, self-regulation, responding to anxiety and the development of calming behaviors.

Chill Skills with Becky:
Grades K-2.

Chill Skills with Becky:
Grades 3-5.

How to Discuss Difficult Topics with your Children during COVID-19 and Beyond:
In the age of COVID-19 every parent is confronted by the challenge of discussing difficult issues with their children. This workshop is great for parents of school age children.  

Boxed in, Blue and Bewildered
Self-Care for Parents During COVID-19:

Part 1.

Boxed in, Blue and Bewildered
Self-Care for Parents During COVID-19:

Part 2.

College in the Age of COVID-19:
An interview about making college and
career choices given the uncertainty of the fall term and beyond.

Youth Mental Health First Aid:
with the Lake County Health Department.

Raising Anti-Racist Children: 
A discussion for parents and caregivers.

Diversity Dialogue:  Moving from Cultural Competency to Cultural Humility.

Professional Training

Helping Parents and Children Deal with Anxiety.

La Escuela y el COVID-19:
Cómo manejar la Ansiedad.

Preparing our Children for Success in Challenging Times:
Panel discussion.

A workshop on positive thinking and how parents can empower kids during challenging times.

Don't try harder, try different:
Managing Anxiety and Stress.

Parenting while Grieving during COVID-19 & Beyond

Nurturing Motivation: 
Creating conversations and environments that spark engagement.

Actively Engaging Students During a Pandemic:
Professional Training
Responding to School Refusal, Anxiety & Avoidant Behaviors.

Manteniendo a su hijo comprometido con la escuela (virtualmente):
Respondiendo a su alta frustración y baja motivación.

Crisis helpline 24/7, 365 days a year.

Parenting in Challenging Times:
Part 1: Knowing the Impact of Traumatic Stress.

Parenting in Challenging Times:
Part 2: Creating a Safe Place.

Parenting in Challenging Times:
Part 3: Taking Care of Yourself.

Parenting in Challenging Times:
Part 4: Teaching Coping and Resiliency Skills.

Understanding Credit Reports and Credit Scores:
Learn about what is a credit score, factors that influence your score, how to interpreter, check and manage your credit.

The ‘Ins and Outs’ of Personal Bankruptcy:
Learn about the different types of personal bankruptcy, consequences of filing for bankruptcy and alternatives.