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Youth Services offers free and low-cost workshops for professionals and interested community members. Most Workshops are Free: Free presentation - Continuing education (CE) clock hours available for social work/counselors. We no longer do Continuing Professional Development Unit (CPDU's) unless noted. We are registered as a provider of Social Work/Counseling Continuing Education (which meet all the standards for Counseling, per the State of Illinois).

The Changing Landscape of Ethics in a Digital Human Services Practice 

In the era of rapid technological advancement, human services are undergoing a profound transformation. The integration of digital tools and technologies has the potential to enhance service delivery, improve client outcomes, and streamline administrative processes. However, this digital shift also brings complex ethical challenges that demand careful consideration and proactive approaches. The workshop on "The Changing Landscape of Ethics in a Digital Human Services Practice" aims to provide human service professionals with a comprehensive understanding of the ethical implications posed by digital technologies and equip them with the necessary knowledge and strategies to navigate this evolving landscape responsibly. 


  • Recognize Ethical Dilemmas in Digital Human Services: The workshop will delve into the ethical challenges arising from digital interventions, such as privacy issues, data security, informed consent, potential biases in algorithms, and the digital divide. Participants will learn to identify these dilemmas in real-world scenarios. 
  • Explore Legal and Regulatory Considerations: Participants will gain insight into relevant laws and regulations governing the use of technology in human services, including data protection and client confidentiality. We will also discuss the importance of staying up-to-date with changing legal landscapes. 
  • Enhance Cultural Competence in a Digital Context: As digital technologies transcend geographic and cultural boundaries, participants will explore the importance of cultural competence and inclusivity in digital human services. We will discuss how to address diverse needs while maintaining ethical standards. 
  • Promote Ethical Data Management and Privacy: Data is at the core of digital human services, and participants will understand best practices for data management, anonymization, and safeguarding client information to protect privacy and confidentiality. 

Ellen Belluomini, Ph.D., MSW, is an associate professor at the University of Massachusetts Global and a consultant for social service agencies. Dr. Belluomini explores future-reaching challenges and solutions for social work education and direct practice. Her research analyzes future trends in social work, technology ethics, and technology integration in pedagogy and curriculum in social work education. Dr. Belluomini has presented her research nationally and internationally. She writes the blog “Bridging the Digital Divide in Social Work Practice,” offering digital and future solutions to the social work profession.  

Date: Thursday, September 21, 2023     Time: 6 pm - 9 pm (Central Time)     Location: Zoom     Fee: FREE / $15.00 for CEUs or Certificate of Completion

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Training Previously Offered

Effective Tools for Screening and Assessing Substance Use Conditions in Youth and Brief Interventions

As a professional working with youth, it’s important to feel confident that you can effectively assess and manage substance use issues in therapy. Too often therapists who lack a background addiction may feel intimidated by or fail to recognize substance use problems with their clients. This workshop will help therapists and those who work with youth feel more confident in their clinical skills, know how best to reduce the risk of harm, and when to refer for more intensive services. This presentation will cover such issues as…

  • Effective screening tools
  • How to assess for level of care
  • Protective factors
  • Harm reduction
  • When to break confidentiality
  • Recognizing comorbid issues
  • Current trends in substance use among youth
  • Illinois Marijuana Law

Presented by Dr. Terence Hodges, a full-time professor at the College of Lake County who specializes in such subjects as substance use counseling community health, ethics, and diversity. 

*6 hours of continuing education for social work and counseling will be provided

 Fee: $20 (lunch will be provided)

Therapists as Allies: Clinical Work with LGBTQ+ Youth

In this in-person workshop, clinicians will learn tools and strategies for supporting LGBTQ+ clients in therapy. With a focus on youth, we will discuss strategies for navigating identity development, family conflict, and social, legal, and medical transition for trans clients.


  • Brief review of LGBTQ+ labels and language & identity development
  • Define and discuss limitations of the historic trans narrative for working with clients
  • Identify and practice strategies for supporting identity development for LGBTQ+ clients
  • Identify and practice strategies for supporting families of LGBTQ+ youth
  • Identify resources and strategies for supporting social, medical, and legal transition

Presented by Lizzy Appleby, LCSW. Lizzy is a facilitator with a passion for working with youth and adults to create a more radically welcoming, inclusive, and kind world. A licensed clinical social worker, she currently serves as the Pride/Share Director at Youth Services in Glenview. At Youth Services, Lizzy leads several programs, including the Pride Youth Program which provides social, support, and leadership opportunities to more than 260 LGBTQ+ youth and their families from across Chicago's northern suburbs, in addition to the Share Program, which focuses on providing education to support positive relationships and communication for youth, parents, and professionals. She believes in the power of story-telling, relationships, and experiential learning to help us grow and change our world.

Fee: Free with no CEUs - $15 with CEU (3 hours of continuing education can count towards Cultural Competency requirement)

Child Psychopharmacology for Anxiety, Depression and ADHD 

This workshop is intended for professionals who would like a better understanding of current use of medication for common childhood diagnosis. Dr. Lu will p

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(Live training with Mark Sanders)


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Moving from cultural competency to cultural humility.
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Helping Emerging Adults Become the Best Versions of Themselves: Infusing Positive Psychology with Cognitive Behavioral Therapy