Fitness Classes

Senior Center Fitness Classes

To all of our senior center members who are leaving town for the winter, please remember to cancel out of your exercise classes before you leave and call us at 847-244-1101, ext. *501 to re-enroll when you return.

Classes fill quickly so please call the Senior Center at 847-244-1101 ext. *501 for registration dates, class dates and any additional information.

Fitness Room Hours: Monday - Friday 8:00am - 3:45pm.
The senior center offers two fitness rooms with elliptical machines, recumbent bikes, treadmills and more for members use. Members must have an updated emergency contact card and waiver on file prior to using the rooms.

3D Movement

Dynamic class that moves the body through the three planes of movement.

Barre & Kickbox

Low-impact, high-intensity movements using a fixed barre partnered with athletic, simple cardio kick box combinations.

Body Conditioning

This is a high energy class using various tools for a full body workout. Weights, tubes and balls will be used to tone and build muscles along with strengthening bones. (Rigorous)

Chair Power

Work in and out of the chair with activities and exercises that help combat mobility limitations. (Beginner)

Chair to Floor Core

Practice techniques to prepare and gradually move from the chair to the floor. Once on the floor, will practice exercises to strengthen the core and to help increase mobility.

Chair Yogalates

Focus on flexibility and building strength within the core, working in and out of the chair.

Decompress & Stretch

Relax while practicing elongating and stretching various muscles.

Fitness Circuit

This is a high energy class in circuit style. A variety of exercises will be used to target different muscle groups with transitions that give enough time to recover and prepare. (Rigorous)

Fit Mix

High-energy class using dynamic cardio moves to improve coordination along with strength and floor core exercises.


Low Impact Interval Training
Low-impact, high-energy class that alternates between cardio, strength and core drills.


Yoga poses and meditation done in the chair for a mind-body-spirit refresh.

Movement / Balance

This class provides gentle flexibility and strength exercises. Helps improve daily activities and range of motion. (Beginner)

Standing Sculpt

Overall strength training staying upright and using the wall at times. Adding stretches in between exercises

Tai Chi

Tai Chi is a series of slow gentle movements. Every posture flows into the next creating harmony between the body and mind. (Participants should be able to stand the entire class.)

Yoga Gentle

This class helps build strength and flexibility along with stretching and relaxation. Must have the ability to get up and down from the floor. (Chairs can be used if needed for any pose.) (Intermediate)


Focus on flexibility and building strength within the core.