2017 Fall Leaf Pickup Announcement

Saturday September 30, 2017

Leaf Vacuuming Practice Run:

Fall is here! The changing weather brings along some yard work, and the residential leaf vacuuming program will be running to help you with your fall clean-up.

Waste Management will be performing practice runs of the residential leaf vacuuming service beginning on October 2nd and running through October 9th to help train new drivers on their routes.  While the official 2017 leaf vacuuming program begins Monday, October 23rd, residents may see leaf vacuuming trucks in their neighborhoods throughout the next two weeks.

To improve leaf vacuuming services, residents are encouraged to avoid parking vehicles in front of leaf piles.  Leaf piles must be placed at the curb (or edge), un-bagged before 6:00 AM on the pick-up day and piles should not be placed on the road.  Waste Management will not pick up leaves that are placed in the wrong location.

For a detailed list of the leaf vacuuming routes and day of pick-up for your home, please click on the following link:  https://www.warrentownship.net/departments/highway/leaf-removal/

Should any questions arise, please call Warren Township Highway Department office at 847-244-1101, Ext. 3.

Amy Sarver~

Warren Township Highway Commissioner

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