Assessment Appeal Information


Our Publication date will be August 31st. Assessment notices will be mailed out on this date and assessments will also be published in the Lake County News Sun.

After assessments are published, a property owner has 30 days to appeal their assessment if they so desire. The final filing date for assessment appeals in Warren Township is October 2nd.


Warren Township property assessment notices were mailed out on or after our date of publish, which was August 4th for tax year 2022. Assessment information can also be viewed online by going to

After assessments are published, a property owner has 30 days to appeal their assessment if they so desire. The final filing date for assessment appeals in Warren Township was September 6th.

The Deadline for filing a 2022 PTAB Appeal was December 22nd.

Notice of Assessed Value & Property Information

The Chief County Assessment Office mails a 'Notice of Assessed Value" to each property owner. Called the "Blue Card," the notice includes:

  • The property's location and permanent index number.
  • Last year's and this year's assessed value.
  • An explanation of how assessed value is determined.
  • Information about how to check for accuracy.
  • Information about how to appeal the assessment.

It’s important for taxpayers to read, understand and check this notice for accuracy as it contains important information about their property. Property owners are encouraged to check to make sure they are receiving all the exemptions they qualify for. To learn more about the different exemptions Click Here

Property Information can be searched free of charge at Enter an address or property PIN number to view tax summaries, property history, exemptions, permits, sketches, sales history and a host of other property characteristics. 

Taxpayers are encouraged to contact our office if they have questions regarding the valuation of their property.

"Am I appealing my taxes?"

No, property owners may appeal the assessed value of their property. An appeal is not a complaint about higher taxes. Rather, it is an attempt to prove that a property's estimated market value is unfair or inaccurate.

Grounds for Appeal

An appeal can be made for the following reasons:

  • Factual error (e.g. incorrect square footage).
  • The assessment is greater than the recent purchase price of the subject property (supporting documentation required: HUD-1 and PTAX-203).
  • The assessment is greater than the subject's current fair cash value (supporting documentation required: Recent appraisal or comparable property sales data on county grid).
  • The assessment is higher than comparable properties (supporting documentation required: comparable property assessment data on county grid).
  • Matter of law

Prior to filing a formal appeal to the Board of Review, read, understand and check your notice for accuracy. 

Contact the Township Office IF:

  • You have questions regarding property characteristics that may indicate a factual error on the property's property record card (ex. incorrect square footage).
  • You purchased the property in 2022 or 2023 and the assessment is greater than the property's recent purchase price.
  • You need assistance navigating the SmartFile E-Filing Portal to file an appeal for any other reason.

The Warren Township Assessor's office is open to walk-ins, however, we suggest calling ahead and making an appointment. Note: There is a 30-day deadline from the date of publication to file an appeal.

Formal Appeal

If you are filing an appeal for any reason other than a factual error or due to the recent purchase price where the sale took place during 2022 or 2023, you must file a formal appeal with the Lake County Board of Review. No attorney is required when filing on most residential properties. Appeals may be completed in just a few minutes by using the new SmartFile E-Filing Portal.

Our office has created a step by step guide to help you navigate the SmartFile website. 
CLICK HERE to open a PDF of the 2023 Appeal Instructions.

If you need further assistance using the SmartFile E-Filing Portal, please contact the Warren Township Assessor's office for an appointment.

All formal appeals with the Lake County Board of Review must be made online through the SmartFile E-Filing Portal. There are no longer paper forms available for this process.

Click HERE to start your appeal