2016 Warren Township Paving Projects


In Grandwood Park on Oakwood Dr. from Grandwood Dr. to before Grand Ave.

To view a pdf version for Grandwood Park


In The Shires of Cambridge on Highfield Dr. West from Route 45 to Yew Tree Dr.


To view a PDF version for The Shires of Cambridge


In Woodland Meadows on Huntington Cir.


To view a PDF version for Woodland Meadows


In Wildwood on Big Oaks Rd. from Battershall Dr. to Mill Rd.

On Algonquin St. from Valley Dr. to Big Oaks Rd.


To view a PDF version for Wildwood


In Bridlewood on Woodland Terr. from just before Hutchins Rd. to Banbury Dr.

On Banbury Dr. from Bridlewood Ave. to Cul-de-sac

On Hampshire Dr. from Cul-de-sac to Elsbury St.

On Walden Way from Hamspshire Dr. to Mill Creek Crossing Dr.

In Brookside on Mill Creek Crossing Dr. from Walden Way to Brookside Dr.


To view a PDF version for Bridlewood & Brookside







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